Monday Mix-tape – 14.01.2013

Frighteningly, we are already two weeks into 2013. With this in mind, there is nothing for it but to give you ten tracks from one of the greatest bands ever – The Who. But be warned, these tracks must be heard at a high volume, and don’t forget, loud music can seriously harm your hearing, kids!

1) My Generation
Well, duh, of course!

2) I Can’t Explain
It would be inexplicable to leave this one out!

3) Pinball Wizard
Nothing to do with Mr Potter, though!

4) Won’t Get Fooled Again
That’s what I say every April 1st!

5) Baba O’Reily
Another one you can’t leave out!

6) Magic Bus
You can’t have it!

7) A Quick One While He’s Away
The birth of the rock opera!

8) I’m A Boy
Child cruelty in song!

9) Who Are You?
Something I wonder as I look in the mirror!

10) Summertime Blues
The definitive version of this song!

I hope you enjoy these, and that your ears have stopped ringing in time for next week’s offering!


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