Monday Mix-tape – 31.12.2012

And so, here we are. The final Monday Mix-tape of 2012. It’s been quite a year in general, what with that sporting event in London, a non-existent Apocalypse, crazy American gun nutters, continuing unrest in the Arab nations and other stuff.

To go alongside all that, I have tried to guide you all through a musical minefield of what you should be listening to using themes ranging from TV theme songs to stuff I listened to on holiday in Austria. Hopefully you’ve taken some of it on board and your music collection is suitably enriched.

For this last edition of 2012, I’m going to look forward to 2013. I am featuring two artists who will hopefully be releasing a full album of material into the world, one who I’ve been enjoying for a while, and one I discovered as recently as the 22nd December this year. I shall leave it to you to work out which is which…

1) Jesus Won’t Dance In My High Heels – Four Dead In Ohio
It’s got a guitar riff to die for!

2) Utah – Four Dead In Ohio
A real slow burner!

3) Debbie’s Whiskey Bar – Four Dead In Ohio
From their most recent EP release!

4) UFO – Four Dead In Ohio
No aliens, promise!

5) Peasants Prayer – Four Dead In Ohio
No mention of food or running water, or anything like that!

6) Emma – The Hummingbirds
Best use of a whistling for a long time!

7) Back In Liverpool – The Hummingbirds
Why would you want to leave?!

8) Break Your Heart – The Hummingbirds
Title track from latest EP!

9) Bankrupt Blues – The Hummingbirds
Bills need to be paid!

10) You – The Hummingbirds
Just go and buy the EPs!

Two different bands, two different sounds, but two bands well worth a listen folks!

Happy New Year from Specs, Rugs And Sausage Rolls!!!


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