A Short Message From Specs, Rugs And Sausage Rolls

So, on the day the world DIDN’T end, and a second American nutter with a gun took innocent lives exactly one week after the Newtown events, I would just like to say:

Americans, you are being let down by a minority of knobheads.

The National Rifle Association seem to me to be nothing more than a bunch of people too stupid to understand one simple fact of life – GUNS KILL. They have no other purpose than to end the life of whatever they are pointed at, be it bears, birds, or sadly, humans.

Do you really need to own a gun?! Really? I understand that there is a need to defend yourself, but hey, here’s a thought for Barack and his buddies. If you stop people having a constitutional right to own a gun, then surely fewer people will have one. And to solve the problem of all those existing gun-owners, just hold a gun amnesty where for every five guns handed in, you get a free Big Mac Meal or something, you know, just to encourage them.

There were statistics banded about showing the number of gun-related deaths, and naturally, the US were miles ahead of places like the UK, Australia and France. I’d imagine things would look a little different if Mexico and Colombia were included, but that’s not the point here!

I’m a parent of young children, and there are millions of parents of young children in the US and all over the world. And I would think we all have one thing in common: none of us ever want to be told our young ones have been murdered by a lunatic wielding a gun whilst at school. Nor do we want to have to comfort them having seen many of their friends and teachers murdered by the same lunatic.

So. Get. Rid. Of. The. Guns.

Merry Christmas to you all.


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