Monday Mix-tape – 17.12.2012

Yes, I’m back again. This is the last Monday Mix-tape before the mayhem of Christmas really begins. Unless you’re one of those who leaves your shopping until the last minute, I’d expect you’ve done it all, wrapped it up and found a suitable hiding place somewhere in the house (but be warned: they will be looking at every opportunity!)

So, in this lull, I’m going to give you ten tracks to relax with. You can just sit and listen with a relaxing coffee, or glass of wine and a mince pie. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin…

1) Small World – Roddy Frame
One man and his guitar!

2) Calico Skies – Paul McCartney
An ex-Beatle and a guitar!

3) Tangerine – Led Zeppelin
Four men but no fruit!

4) Crystal – Mando Diao
Some Swedish men yet no cut glass in sight!

5) Drop In The Sea – Kula Shaker
Nineties band without a drop of water for miles!

6) Easy Like Sunday Morning – The Commodores

7) How Does It Feel – Slade
Four hairy blokes from the Black Country!

8) I Got The Blues – The Rolling Stones
Don’t feel too sad though!

9) Karma Police – Radiohead
Don’t panic, not the real police!

10) Oliver James – Fleet Foxes
One man’s voice!

And also, just as a tribute to the legendary Ravi Shankar, here’s three pieces of his music to listen to and let all your troubles and tension drift away on the music…

a) Raga Ahir Bhairav
b) Dadra
c) Maru-Bihag

So that’s all for now… the next edition will be a most festive offering for you to enjoy!!!


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