Monday Mix-tape – 10.12.2012

You’d think that after seven months, I’d start to run out of ideas for these little things, wouldn’t you? But thankfully things just keep cropping up to help me maintain a steady flow of mix-tape helpings.

And this week is no different – my poor girlfriend is currently laid up with a bad case of Sciatica and so, this week, in her honour, it’s songs with the word ‘back’ in the title!

1) I Want You Back – The Jackson 5

2) I’ll Be Back – The Beatles

3) Coming Back Hard Again – The Fat Boys

4) Back In The USSR – The Beatles

5) The Boys Are Back In Town – Thin Lizzy

6) Back To Life – Soul II Soul

7) Baby Got Back – Sir Mix-a-lot

8) Back Against The Wall – Cage The Elephant

9) Sing It Back – Moloko

10) Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis

And with that, I say “Get Well Soon” Marisa!!


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