My Writing Challenge for 2013 – Assistance Requested!

Yesterday evening I made a decision and announced it on my Specs, Rugs And Sausage Rolls Facebook page (head to and leave a comment or a ‘like’).

For the year 2013, I have decided to set myself the task or challenge of writing one 5,000 word short story every month. That’s twelve stories and 60,000 words in the year.

There is no set theme, so the twelve stories could and probably will be twelve totally unrelated and individual.

And this is where I am inviting your input: some ideas or suggestions for settings, style, theme or whatever.

I’ve already had my first suggestion – a murder mystery set in a one bedroom flat!

So, you can either visit my facebook page, tweet me @specsnrugs, or leave a comment below. As many ideas as you like, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have one chosen!

Many thanks for your time!


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