Monday Mix-tape – 26.11.2012

As the year ebbs away before our eyes, and the Christmas rush begins in earnest, I thought I’d try and inject a bit of summery optimism by picking out ten tracks by an American group that arguably pushed and encouraged The Beatles to achieve and create what they did.

That’s right, it’s The Beach Boys!

1) Good Vibrations
Inspired by dogs. Apparently!

2) Wouldn’t It Be Nice
Necessarily great opening track to Pet Sounds!

3) Surfin USA
Ironically, only one Beach Boy was a true surfer!

4) Heroes And Villains
Vocal layering to die for!

5) California Girls
Not to be confused with Katy Perry’s differently spelt version!

6) I Get Around
Nothing to do with being promiscuous!

7) Little Deuce Coupe
One of many ‘driving’ songs!

8) I Know There’s An Answer
But what is the question?!

9) Sloop John B
It’s about boats and stuff!

10) In My Room
A real introspective track!

So now you can go and discover greatness, I’ve now got to go and find another theme for the next edition of Monday Mix-tape. It’s hard work, you know!


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