Monday Mix-tape – 12.11.2012

So, another week has been and now gone. And as this weekend included Remembrance Day (not as the frighteningly overused Twitter trend called it #rememberancesunday), this week is a Mix-tape with a difference.

Instead of ten tracks to listen to over the next week, today, I’m going to give you ten War poems by different poets for you to discover. Now I’ll be honest and say I’ve not read much poetry since leaving school, so in order to compile this list, I’ve had to read and discover a lot of poetry, and the source which was so valuable to me was a website called – try it, as a bank of poetry, it’s quite handy.

Anyway, here is my list of poems for you to find and take in…

1) Aftermath – Siegfried Sassoon

2) Anthem For Doomed Youth – Wilfred Owen

3) In Flanders Field – John McCrae

4) All Day It Has Rained – Alun Lewis

5) Agony – Mark R Slaughter

6) 1914 V: The Soldier – Rupert Brooke

7) Vergissmeinnicht – Keith Douglas

8) As The Team’s Head-Brass – Edward Thomas

9) Break Of Day In The Trenches – Isaac Rosenberg

10) The Conscientious Objector – Karl Shapiro

There you are, then. Go forth and be educated (or re-educated if you know this stuff already!)

Until next time…


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