Monday Mix-tape – 15.10.2012

Hello and welcome back to another Monday Mix-tape offering. This week saw a new single by the longest running Rock and Roll Group in the World. Ever. That’s right. almost 50 years after their first release, The Rolling Stones are STILL going! Not something the likes of One Direction or Justin Twatface, sorry Bieber will manage before they return to their rightful places in the kitchens of McDonalds or KFC or whatever fast food joints deem fit to employ them.

But back to the real musicians in question. Yes, The Rolling Stones.

1) Gimme Shelter
Just A Shot Away!

2) Biggest Mistake
What you made by not visiting this blog before!

3) It’s All Over Now
Ode to an ex!

4) Sister Morphine
Related to Brother Heroin!

5) Paint It Black
Monotone Stones!

6) She’s A Rainbow
But there’s no pot of gold at her feet!

7) Get Off Of My Cloud
Possessive over condensed water!

8) Sympathy For The Devil
He was pretty much everywhere!

9) Miss You
No one likes to miss someone!

10) Angie
Not a song about Miss Rippon, I fear!

So, there you have it. Here’s to another couple of years at least!


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