Monday Mix-tape – 08.10.2012

Sorry to say this, but yes, another week gone, even worse, the weekend is finished now too! So, if you can read through the blurry tears of acceptance, this week it’s time to pay tribute to a man who would have turned 72 on Tuesday 9th October 2012. He has an airport named after him, his own area of New York’s Central Park and countless other memorials across the world. It’s…

1) God
So, what does he believe in?!

2) Working Class Hero
Ironically, he couldn’t have been more middle class!!

3) Oh My Love
A little love song!

4) Out The Blue

5) What You Got
You really don’t know, until you lose it!

6) Stand By Me
From his covers album!

7) Watching The Wheels
Just watching them!

8) Grow Old With Me
Released posthumously!

9) #9 Dream
I don’t know what he sings either!

10) Imagine
Just in case you didn’t already know!!

Can you tell who it is yet??!! Oh, there are no prizes for guessing. See you next time!


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