Monday Mix-tape – 10.09.2012

It’s getting harder to come up with decent introductions to these Monday Mix-tape offerings, so this week, all I will say is that the tracks are all songs that I was introduced to by the hit HBO series, The Sopranos.

1) Tiny Tears – Tindersticks
Soundtrack to Tony Soprano’s depression in one episode.

2) My Lovers Prayer – Otis Redding
Played during an emotional scene as Christopher Moltisanti fights for his life.

3) Core ‘Ngrato – Dominic Chianese
Sung at the funeral of a young ‘family’ member.

4) Frank Sinatra – Cake
Excellent song, give it a try.

5) Affection – Little Steven & the Lost Boys
A song favoured by one of Tony Soprano’s mistresses.

6) Gloria – Van Morrison
Being the name of said mistress above.

7) The Beast In Me – Nick Lowe
Played over the closing credits of the very first episode.

8) Sprosa Son Disprezzata – Cecilia Bartoli
A little bit of classical music for you – from Vivaldi.

9) Moonlight Mile – The Rolling Stones
Any excuse for a bit of the Stones.

10) Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey
The song playing right at the very end of the final episode.

There you go. Ten tracks from a hit Mafia TV show. So now you can go and enjoy them, capiche?


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