In the Pipeline…

At this moment in time, I’ve got a story idea bubbling away in my head, and I thought I’d share some of it with you, my loyal readers.

The men in their Ivory Tower have deemed the small market town of Wem to be a flood risk. The small river that runs through the town has barely any current, children regularly play in the stagnant waters, much to their parents’ dismay. The town has not flooded for at least 80 years according to local knowledge, and even then, only a handful of properties were affected. Since then, all manner of improvements have been made, rendering any threat of flooding virtually impotent. All but a select few, in the local Insurance office, are blissfully unaware of this potential catastrophe.

The men are a sinister group whose job it is to make arbitrary decisions that can affect people’s everyday existence, but they work with no fear of the consequences ever impacting on them. The Ivory Tower sits in a distant county, shrouded in mist and set on a rock in the middle of marshland.
One warm late summer’s day, the town is gearing up for a big festival due to be held at the weekend. Hundreds of people are expected to visit the town, maybe even tens of hundreds. But lurking in the Atlantic Ocean is a storm of unprecedented violence, never before experienced on these shores. The Met Office have alluded to it in their forecasts, but anticipated it to lose strength and peter out before hitting the Irish coast.

This, then is the background to what follows in the next few days, as Wem faces its darkest day. Can the town survive? Will the three Insurance company staff be able to prevent a serious loss of life?


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