Monday Mix-Tape – 03.09.2012

Okay, so it’s already that time of week. And what makes it even worse is that scary fact that now we’re two thirds through the year. Before you know it, the Christmas promotions will start in earnest, then it’ll be the Christmas songs in the Supermarkets, and then BANG! Christmas will be here and none of us have done our shopping. 

Well, anyway, as I was thinking of a theme for this weeks offering, I had a look at the now quite impressive MMT library and discovered a shocking lack of female representation. In order to put this right, this week is one for the women.

1) Son of a Preacher Man – Dusty Springfield
She certainly wasn’t ‘dusty’!

2) Killing Me Softly With His Song – Roberta Flack
Death by music!

3) Tom’s Diner – Suzanne Vega
No idea what was on the menu!

4) Rolling In The Deep – Adele
Currently Britain’s best music export?!

5) This Woman’s Work – Kate Bush
A woman’s work is never done, apparently!

6) You’re So Vain – Carly Simon
It’s NOT about you, alright?!

7) It’s Oh So Quiet – Bjork
Well, it is, then it isn’t, but then it is again!

8) Like A Prayer – Madonna
Couldn’t leave her out, could I?!

9) Fever – Peggy Lee
She doesn’t sound ill, though!

10) Jolene – Dolly Parton
It’s her with the big… voice!

That’s it then. Ten tracks by women to go some way to restoring the balance within the Monday Mix-tape Library. I hope you enjoy listening.

Until next time…


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