Monday Mix-tape – 20.08.2012

Just as sure as night follows day, the weekend follows Friday, and then sadly, Monday follows the weekend. And as I have been doing for the last 15 weeks or so (with a week off for good behaviour), it’s time for another ten tunes to help ease you into the week.

This week, I’ve decided to feature a gentleman who has been writing songs almost as long as I’ve been alive, with alarmingly little acclaim. Yet he has probably written some of the most memorable songs of the past thirty years. Step forward Mr Paul Heaton…

1) Flag Day – The Housemartins
Paul has his say on society!

2) Old Red Eyes Is Back – The Beautiful South
A lament for an alcoholic!

3) A Good Old Fashioned Town – Paul Heaton
Comment on small town mentalities!

4) Happy Hour – The Housemartins
The first big hit!

5) Blackbird On The Wire – The Beautiful South
Admiration of a woman from afar!

6) Perfect 10 – The Beautiful South
All about size!

7) The Perfect Couple – Paul Heaton
The tale of a couple through other songs!

8) I’ll Be Your Shelter – The Housemartins
The offer of a good friend!

9) Everything Is Everything – Paul Heaton
All about the lack of compartmentalisation, I think!

10) Pretenders To The Throne – The Beautiful South
Anywhere that you’re not!

And that, my faithful readers, is that. Time for you to go and investigate the most under-rated British songwriter in my lifetime. Only to realise you knew it all anyway!


2 thoughts on “Monday Mix-tape – 20.08.2012

  1. The Housemartins and The Beautiful South were great. The latter always did brilliant gigs on the three or four occasions I saw them. Song-wise, my faves are 'I'll Sail This Ship Alone', 'Me And The Farmer' and 'Artificial Flowers' (off the 'Blue Is The Colour' album).

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