My British Olympic Heroes

Just less than a week ago, the curtain came down on the Olympic Games. Many have already said that it was the greatest Games ever, but doesn’t every host say that at the end?! Either because they genuinely think so, or just to make the following host feel a little insecure.

At the beginning I was Mr Sceptical, couldn’t see myself getting excited or bothered about it all after the 7 years of hype, build-up and so on. Yet after the Opening Ceremony, which I didn’t watch but got text updates from Marisa who sat downstairs for all three hours of the damned thing, I found myself getting slowly caught up in the whole thing. So much so, that I even developed my favourites amongst the so-called ‘Team GB’ (which I hate because it’s so ‘commercial’). What follows is a run-down of the 10 British Olympic Team members which I found myself getting excited about:

10) Jason Kenny – The track cyclist chosen ahead of Chris Hoy to fly the British flag in the Individual Sprint event. A huge ask, but he lived up to the pressure and came away with a Gold medal.

9) Nicola Adams – She became the first winner of a Female Boxing Gold Medal, so for her to be British into the bargain made it all the more special. In her interviews afterwards, she was so pleased with herself and quite rightly too.

8) Stephanie Houghton – Female footballer with “Team GB”. she hit a rich vein of goalscoring form with goals against Cameroon, and then the winning goal at Wembley against Brazil, nicking it in from a seemingly impossible angle.

7) Ben Ainslie – He became the most successful British Olympic sailor with his 4th Gold medal, and 5th medal in total. Now I don’t really understand sailing, but even I know that’s a pretty impressive achievement.

6) Laura Trott – Another member of the all-conquering Team GB track cycling contingent, she won two Gold medals, and is still only 20 years old, and is also really cute.

5) Tom Daley – After everything he’d gone through, to come to these Olympics, still only aged 18, remember and be a medal hope was quite an achievement. When his synchronised diving didn’t go to plan he had to contend with ridiculous abuse on Twitter, but rose above it and walked away with a Bronze medal in the individual event. 

4) Jessica Ennis – She’d been made the poster girl of the Olympics apparently (I have to admit I don’t recall seeing any posters) and had all the accompanying media responsibility to deal with during her preparations and yet still left her competitors in her wake. Frighteningly, she could probably give me a good kicking. Luckily for her, she’s also quite pretty.

3) Mo Farah – Such a lot was expected of him at these Olympics. For the first time in years, we had a British Long Distance runner who could challenge the Africans for the Gold medal. After he nailed the 10,000 metres one week, he came back a week later and nailed the 5,000 metres too, just for good measure and all. Not only that, he kicked off the national craze of the ‘Mo-bot’, which not even Usain Bolt could resist joining in. When he entered the home straight in the 5,000 metres, I was on the edge of my seat listening to Steve Cram having what can only be described as a commentary orgasm and I might even have shouted in triumph.

2) Bradley Wiggins – One minute he was winning the Tour de France, the next he was picking up his 7th Olympic medal, his 4th Gold, in the road Time Trial. If his sideburns weren’t already stuff of legend, they were now! And then, like the proper down to earth fella he is, he got completely rat-arsed afterwards.

1) Victoria Pendleton – By far the best looking member of Team GB (in my opinion). This was her last Olympics so she wanted to go out in style. Unfortunately, she was part of the Womens Team Sprint that was disqualified, then she nailed Gold in the Keirin (that thing with the bloke on a little motorbike) and then came close to another Gold in the Individual Sprint only to be beaten by that Aussie bird.

I’d like to say that I have the utmost respect for all of the athletes that took part – the ones that didn’t win a medal, the ones that did, the ugly ones and the ones that weren’t ugly but just average. So I think they all deserve a round of applause for their dedication and application. Let’s hope Rio in 2016 is equally as successful for Team GB.

And just so you know, every time I’ve typed the name ‘Team GB’, a little part of me has died.

Thanks for listening, well reading. Unless someone has just read this out loud to you, which is certainly feasible. All I can say is you’re bloody lucky I don’t do spoken word versions of my blog!!!


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