Monday Mix-tape – 13.08.2012

So, tomorrow is both my first day back at work after my holiday, and also the first day after the Olympics, so for at least one reason I’m going to be pissed off in the morning, whilst the rest of the country are just feeling a little down after the end of quite a sporting spectacle. With this in mind, what better way to cheer us all up than to lay before you ten unsung gems from the four greatest musicians that ever lived (just a clue, they are all from Liverpool, and were in the same band)…

1) I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
Heavy, guitar driven bluesy perfection!

2) The Ballad of John And Yoko
News reporting in song form!

3) Hey Bulldog
A piano pounding rock and roll song!

4) Tell Me Why
Harmonies and guitars!

5) The Word
The word is Love!

6) The Night Before
On Salisbury Plain, if you believe the film!

7) Roll Over Beethoven
George does Chuck!

8) Rocky Raccoon
Slightly crazy country ditty!

9) For No One
Another of Macca’s solemn efforts!

10) Fixing A Hole
Apparently doing just that, and not about drugs!

There’s your ten to savour. Go and enjoy them as you ought to. And then go to the Specs, Rugs And Sausage Rolls Facebook page and click like. Once I get to the magic 30 ‘likes’, this very blog will see the publication of my ‘Fifty Shades of Dave’ story. So, it’s well worth the visit, and also, tell your friends!!


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