Monday Mix-tape – 30.07.2012

Another week gone. Another month gone (all but two days anyway). There is some sort of sporting event taking place in this country over the next couple of weeks, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it’s called…

While I rack my brains, here is this weeks offering, with an Olympic (there you go, I knew it’d come to me eventually) twist.

1) The Winner Takes It All – Abba
Indeed they do!

2) I’m A Loser – The Beatles
If you don’t come first, you are!

3) Fields of Gold – Sting
See what I did there?!

4) You Can’t Always Get What You Want – The Rolling Stones
Sometimes you have to accept that you can’t always win!

5) We Are The Champions – Queen
The most annoying song to listen to, if you’ve just lost!

6) Loser – Beck
Says it all!

7) Silver And Gold – Cast
Two of the colours on offer!

8) The Boxer – Simon And Garfunkel
There’s a few of these at the Olympics!

9) Glory Days – Bruce Springsteen
Plenty of these for the winners!

10) Shoot The Runner – Kasabian
If that runner is Usain Bolt, the others have a chance!

And so that is the collection. Now be careful who you tell about this, I don’t want to be done for any copyright or trademark infringements…


One thought on “Monday Mix-tape – 30.07.2012

  1. … 'Gold' – Spandau Ballet, 'Silver and Gold' – U2, 'Every Loser Wins' – Nick Berry (80s cheese!), 'Empty Rooms' by Gary Moore, 'The Race' by Yello. Just a few more for you.

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