Birthday Blog

Well, it’s coming up to 10.30pm on my 32nd Birthday, and I am currently drinking beer and watching ‘Round Ireland With a Fridge’. I’ve managed to navigate my way through a day at work, put away a Birthday tea of Doner meat and chips, not to mention a slice of caterpillar cake (starting at the face end, naturally).

When I was a wee boy, I remember the earth-shattering gut-wrenching feeling when I learned that there were other people who shared my Birthday. Since then though, I’ve grown to understand, and even accept the concept. And if you take a look at just some the people born on this day of the year, 26th July, there’s no denying I’m amongst greats:

Mick Jagger (Mr Rubber Lips)
Aldous Huxley (Writer)
George Bernard Shaw (Another Writer)
Carl Jung (Psychiatrist)
Stanley Kubrick (The Director)
Helen Mirren (The Actress)
Roger Taylor (him from Queen)
Vitas Gerulaitis (The Tennis Player)
Sandra Bullock (The American Actress)
Kate Beckinsale (A different British Actress)
Russell Sherriff (member of occasional Team 26/7)

See, some pretty talented people there. I’m in good company.

If any of you lot out there, share your Birthday with someone famous, or just plain cool, let everyone know and leave a comment below…

And here’s to my 33rd Birthday in 365 days time!! Cheers!!!


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