Monday Mix-tape – 09.07.2012

As time ridiculously flashes before our eyes, here’s a tidy ten tracks from possibly the behemoth of rock, Led Zeppelin. It’s tough to pick just ten tracks to treat your ear drums, but here goes…

1) Dazed And Confused
Early blues-influenced effort.

2) The Lemon Song
Wonder what the lemons in question are?!

3) Ramble On
A rambling rock song!

4) The Immigrant Song
A monster of a track!

5) Since I’ve Been Loving You
It’s just magic!

6) Rock And Roll
It is what it says it is!

7) When The Levee Breaks
A drum intro to shatter your bones!

8) In My Time Of Dying
It’s long, but it’s amazing!

9) Whole Lotta Love
Remember the Top of the Pops theme?

10) Moby Dick
The awesome John Bonham takes centre stage!

Now, go listen. Put them on your car stereo tomorrow morning and turn the volume up to 11.


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