Jonathan Rants About Sport

So, if the title hasn’t given it away for you, what follows is me having a rant about sport. Not just football, in case you were wondering if the title was simply a smokescreen for my true intentions! Oh no. This is a multi sport rant. You could almost say it was an Olympic scale rant, unless of course you worry that it may be misconstrued as a copyright infringement. Still with me? Ok, here goes… *takes deep breath*

I will start with the Olympics, actually. The country has been looking forward to this moment since 2005, when the winning bid was announced. For a while, even I managed to exhibit some excitement. But then I got fed up with it being rammed down our throats at every possible opportunity. So we’re hosting a major international event. Whoopee. I’ve heard it called the ‘People’s Games’ somewhere. Is it? I didn’t join in the whole ticket-obtaining hoop-la because it sounded like you needed a degree to understand the process. Applying for tickets, not knowing what you were going to get, then paying through the nose for them? Hardly one for the ‘people’ is it? Yet the Women’s Beach Volleyball event was apparently sold out to ‘lucky’ (read pervy) Government and Civil Service types. It’ll be better on the telly anyway… If I bother to watch.

Olympic-related is the GB Mens football team. Purely a PR stunt in my opinion. More hoo-ha this week when Stuart Pearce decided not to pick David Beckham for the the squad. Condemnation from some, me not included, that Beckham was ‘strung along’ under the impression he was in with a chance. Look, the bloke is 37, he’s past it. To pick him would only end up turning the whole thing into a media circus/pantomime centred on Mr Beckham, and no doubt the rest of his brood. So I applaud Stuart Pearce and hope that he can be left to steer his troops through the minefield of expectation and hope ahead of them.

And this brings me on to our national game. It’s in a sorry state. On the international front, the England team made it to the quarter-finals of Euro 2012. This managed to split the nation into those who felt this was a success bearing in mind the preparations, and those who are still labouring under the misapprehension that England should be world-beaters almost 50 years after we won our only tournament. And then FIFA release their latest world rankings showing England as the ‘Fourth Best Team In The World’. What a bloody joke!

And then there is the chaos currently enveloping the Scottish football scene. Rangers FC have failed to avoid the inevitable meltdown caused by the apparent decision by some in the previous hierarchy to avoid paying the correct/any tax to HMRC. Now the original company is heading to liquidation and a new company is in the process of trying to find a home in the league set-up. Unfortunately though, because of the dysfunction, the fortunes of just two clubs (Celtic and the aforementioned Rangers) the entire system could be pushed to the brink if the right monetary solution isn’t found. Personally, it is my opinion that the ‘New Rangers’ should be entered at the lowest level (Scottish Division 3) and made to work their way back up. This is from a Rangers supporter. And as for further sanctions being imposed, haven’t they suffered enough??! The Scottish clubs should learn the lesson, and let the new Rangers start again with a level playing field, as it were…

Next up it’s Tennis. Wimbledon is almost over, and Andy Murray has just made it to his first Wimbledon final, and the first British finalist since 1938 apparently. Cue mass hysteria and over-the-top pressure on the poor bloke. For his sake, I hope he wins. Otherwise the press on Monday will no doubt be full of mocking headlines. Let’s not forget, Andy Murray has been consistently ranked in the top 4 despite competing in the same era as the likes of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic. Any other era, and he could easily have won a major Grand Slam tournament. Occasionally I joke with my mum about him being a typical British failure when he loses, but only to wind her up!

And so ends my rant. Let’s hope the summer of sport gives us something to cheer about.


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