Wish I Was There…

It’s July, which should mean blue sky, sun in the sky and no need for a waterproof or umbrella. The British summer seems to be going through an identity crisis yet again, and to be honest I’m fed up with it. Which got me thinking about the places I’ve been on holiday, and the holidays themselves. So here comes my five favourite holidays (that I can remember) in no particular order…

1) Malta 2002
A week in the sunshine with my big brother. Fishing villages, Ollie Reed’s last pub, a momentarily lost wallet on a Maltese bus, a vomit-inducing catamaran trip over to Sicily, this holiday had it all!!

2) Cornwall 2009
It was only a weekend, but it was the first break I had with my current lady. We stayed in a B&B at the end of the world (well, Lizard Point, but it felt like it). In just two short days, we took in St Michael’s Mount (on a very windy day, I still have sand in my coat pocket!), Penzance, St Ives and Land’s End.

3) Austria Summer 2011
My first full-length trip to Marisa’s home and to play an important part in her sister’s wedding. Once the wedding was done and dusted, we hit the road and visited Hungary and Slovenia too. The weather was awesome and I managed to drink a shed load of booze without a serious hangover!

4) Lake Garda 1988
I was only a child back then, not yet 8 years old, but it was my first holiday with my parents on my own. I can’t remember why my brother wasn’t with us, but I seem to recall having a good time. I remember one occasion being in a restaurant during one of the Euro 88 games, possibly with Italy playing. I would like to return as a grown-up to appreciate it all a bit more.

5) Ibiza 2004
Take out the fact that I was with my now ex-wife, this was one hell of a holiday. We went to the ‘quiet’ area of the island, near Es Canar, and it was chilled, relaxed and dare I say it, fun. We had a ‘sunset’ cruise on a cloudy evening, had a few drinkies in San Antonio in a bar called Sergeant Peppers. Plenty of walking to and from the hotel to civilisation along the beach… See, not even my ex could spoil my memories of this holiday!

And now, five places I’d like to go to…

1) USA
So many possibilities! A Route 66 road trip, or an NFL game in Pittsburgh, New York to name but a few options I’d like to experience.

2) Canada
My parents have been and enjoyed it. I get the impression it’s a bit more laid back than it’s neighbour, and Niagara Falls is on my list of places to see anyway.

3) Italy
I’d like to revisit this place as an adult. See places like Rome, Genoa. I’d like to go back to Venice too. You know, before it sinks…

4) France
Our nearest neighbours, and I’ve never actually been there for a holiday. I’ve passed through on a few occasions but never stopped. Maybe Paris. Possibly the south of France (Count of Monte Cristo country – Marseilles etc). The Champagne region… 

5) Scotland
Believe it or not, I’ve never been to Scotland. Never. Even with family connections, I’ve failed to make it there. So I want to go.

And that is the conclusion to my little holiday reminiscences and plans. It’s still bloody raining outside. I knew I should have bought that sunny beach poster and stuck it up in the window…


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