Monday Mix-Tape – 02.07.2012

Wowzer. It’s July already. It seems only yesterday we were celebrating New Year, looking forward to a big year. We’ve had Easter, The European Football Championships are now out of the way, Wimbledon is at the mid-way point. Soon it will be my birthday, and then… There’s something else. It’s nagging at me… It’s gone. Probably wasn’t too important then!

This weekend saw the return of The Stone Roses to the stage in Manchester. In honour of them, this week’s Mix-tape offering is for bands that have gone away and come back again!

1) Waterfall – The Stone Roses
From the Roses in their heyday!

2) Step On – Happy Mondays

Twisting Shaun Ryder’s melons!

3) Help The Aged – Pulp

Jarvis & Co trying to follow their Different Class album!

4) History – Cast

Even more immense played live!

5) Back For Good – Take That

Yes, even I like this one!

6) Coffee & TV – Blur

Remember the video with the milk carton?!

7) Gold – Spandau Ballet

Well, it’s good to sing along to!

8) God Only Knows – The Beach Boys

God only knows why but they’re touring again!

9) Embarrassment – Madness

Social Comment Ska!

10) She’s In Fashion – Suede

Bet you’d forgotten they reformed right? I had!!

Well, there’s your ten to listen to for this week. Enjoy.

PS Don’t forget I’m looking for you blog readers to send me your own 10 song lists… Via the Facebook page!!! (Is that enough pleading?)


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