Monday Mix-Tape – 25.06.2012

Okay, so the Football didn’t go according to plan, but when does it?!

To try and take your mind off the misery, here’s ten tracks from one of the most underrated musicians I’ve ever come across. Nick Harper is both a musical maverick and genius at the same time. His songwriting is smart, witty and always on the ball. And I have to thank my mate Doug for this.

1) The Verse That Time Forgot
It’s just magical!

2) By My Rocket Comes Fire
About the ages of man.

3) Blue Sky Thinking
Was top of the iTunes chart for a brief period!

4) She Rules My World
Apparently about Mother Nature!

5) Aeroplane
Clever wordplay with a nifty tune!

6) Imaginary Friend
Another poignant song.

7) Real Life
More brilliant song-writing!

8) The Field Of The Cloth Of Gold
Quick, clever and catchy!

9) Miracles For Beginners
We all need miracles!

10) One Of The 38
A more recent one that’s good!

So there it is. Go. Explore. And thank me later.


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