Monday Mix Tape – 28.05.2012

After a week off, here is the next Monday Mix-tape selection, inspired by my week in Austria:

1) Postman Pat TV Theme
Can’t count how many times I heard and sung this over the week just to keep Anthony happy!

2) Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends
Again, just to keep a child happy in times of tears and chocolate grumps!

3) Staying Alive – The Bee Gees
The first Bee Gee song I heard after hearing of the death of Robin Gibb. Oh the irony!

4) Just The Two Of Us – Bill Withers
One of our chosen theme songs for the Graz visit!

5) Singing In The Rain – Gene Kelly
The other Graz theme!

6) Girl Is On My Mind – The Black Keys
It always seemed to come on when I listened to music on my phone!

7) Bad Water – Cast
Another regular player on the music player. Even on random!

8) Steirische Brauch – Traditional
Well, it’s only right, innit?!

9) Rotterdam – The Beautiful South
Another regular player, if only because it came after Postman Pat a few times!

10) D.I.V.O.R.C.E – Billy Connolly
It’s funny, and it mentions a dog!

Enjoy those ten, and see you next week my friends!


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