Attempting versatility.

As I struggle with the evil writer’s block, I was looking through some of my old projects and happened upon this little effort at a Children’s story. Written for my eldest son, and based on his two favourite bed-time toys, I thought the idea had legs. I even entered it into a competition, being placed in the top 50 entries I seem to think. I never really carried it on.

The Continuing Adventures of Dog And Elley

The Garden
Dog and Elley were best of friends. They lived together in the bed of a little boy called Eoin. Whenever he went to bed, there they would be to watch over him while he slept. But while he was out, they got up to allsorts, as we shall see…

One summery day, when Eoin was at nursery, Dog and Elley were sitting in the bed where they had been left behind. Elley turned to Dog and whispered in his ear.

“Hey, Dog, why don’t we go out today?” Dog turned to Elley and looked puzzled.
“And go where?”
“We could go into the garden. The sun is shining.”
“Alright, then.”
So Dog and Elley went into the garden. But not before they had covered themselves head to toe in sun-cream! What a sight they were as they crept down the stairs leaving sun-cream footprints behind them!

In the garden, Dog and Elley played all sorts of games. They played catch, hide and seek, and skipping, amongst other things. Eventually they got tired and sat on the grass. Elley turned to Dog.

“I’m thirsty. Shall we get a drink?” he asked.
“Alright then.” Dog replied.
So they went back into the kitchen. Dog stood on Elley’s shoulders so he could reach the taps. He filled two cups that had been left on the side and climbed down. He handed a cup to Elley.

“Elley, why are you all wet?”
“You spilled all the water on me.” Elley replied.
Dog looked at his now empty cups.
“Oh, Elley, I am sorry.”
Dog went to get Elley a towel. As he handed him the towel, they heard a car door shutting. Dog and Elley tiptoed to the window. They saw Eoin and his mummy coming up the driveway. They scrambled up the stairs and back into the bed.

Eoin’s mummy took Eoin up the stairs. She saw wet marks on the carpet, but thought nothing of them. As she put Eoin to bed, she picked up Elley and handed him to Eoin. He seemed a bit damp, but she ignored and kissed Eoin and turned off the light.

Before they fell asleep, Dog winked at Elley.

Elley winked at Dog.



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