I don’t mean to moan, but…

I have two points of issue at this time of writing. Both sports related. So, for those with no interest in either Football or the NFL, please have a look at my other offerings. Anyone left? Hello? Hello?!

Oh, well, I’ll carry on regardless.

1) The England Manager’s Job:
Ah, yes. This week’s ‘Big Story’. The bigwigs at the FA take the decision to relieve John Terry of the England captaincy, and then deem it suitable to inform the manager after the fact. Then there is the sharp intake of breath when said manager publicly disagrees with their decision on foreign telly in his home country. Now, I agree that John Terry should not be England captain. He shouldn’t even be in the squad. But this is the manager’s decision to make. The rationale that the John Terry-Anton Ferdinand situation shouldn’t be allowed to side-track England’s Euro 2012 doesn’t wash with me. If the press don’t have that to harp on about, they’ll find something else. Because, let’s face it, the British press just can’t bring themself to get behind the team and their manager. They have to find something to pull at and stick the knife in.
Now Fabio Capello has resigned, I can’t help wondering if he is breathing a huge sigh of relief. He is much better off out of it. And we wait for the bumbling, incompetent FA bigwigs to appoint the next mug, sorry, well-qualified, successful, hungry manager to bring long-awaited success for the England team. DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH!!
The current squad are nothing more than over-paid, over-hyped, under-developed, selfish, self-aggrandising halfwits. There is no other explanation. How else do you explain the inability to carry out simple instructions? Or Wayne Rooney’s decision to unnecessarily kick out at an opponent in the final qualifying game?
Which brings me on to those England fans who think the England team has the God-given right to win tournaments, just because we did so in 1966. That was 46 years ago. When there was real pride in playing for England. These days player’s loyalty is all down to money. How many times did Rooney kiss his Everton badge? Then, in the blink of an eye, he’s kissing his United badge. Do a Google search for pictures of Wayne Rooney. Count how many pictures of him kissing his England badge.
I digress. England are not World-beaters. They don’t have the players with the technical ability to adapt to differing situations. They can hardly string ten passes together before punting the ball towards goal. The infrastructure in this country benefits only one party. The clubs.
The general consensus is that the England manager should be English. Why? If you want success, you must get the best manager available. There are no world class, English managers. Harry Redknapp? Don’t make me laugh. He’s done a great job at Tottenham, but he’s been able to work with some top quality foreign players. FOREIGN PLAYERS. Last time I checked, Gareth Bale, Luka Modric and Rafael Van Der Vaart weren’t English. And let’s be honest, they’re the key players in that team.
My tip for the job? Guus Hiddink. Experienced in International football management, success with modest talent (Russia, Turkey and South Korea), and, above all, experienced with the vultures of the British press.

2) The NFL and it’s British fans:
Superbowl XLVI was great. I stayed up to watch it until gone 3 in the morning. In the run up to the game, the NFL announced that the St Louis Rams had agreed to play a game in the UK for the next 3 years. Great. I looked at the ticket prices. Not great. £50 for the cheapest seats. Add to that, travelling costs to get to Wembley, and you’re looking at close to £100 for the whole shebang. Who can seriously afford to spend that in this current climate? And why is it that only London gets to host the party? (I can answer that one myself, it’s because to the American’s, London is the only place of importance.)
It’s not like Wembley is the only stadium in the country capable of hosting an NFL game. Through gritted teeth, I say that Old Trafford could easily accommodate the NFL. Plus, it’s in the North.

Apparently there is a Parliamentary committee set up to help promote the sport in the UK. Is this just a show? Time will tell. A good start would be to get the merchandise widespread and affordable. As a Pittsburgh Steelers fan of 25 years, it has proved a fruitless quest to find reasonably priced gear. In this cold weather, I thought, what better way to show my support for my Steelers than to buy a Steelers hat to keep my head warm? Most of the stuff comes all the way from the US, with the postage charges to boot. Or what about a t-shirt? £20 for something remotely satisfactory.
Apparently there is talk of there one day being an NFL franchise based permanently in the UK (who are we kidding? It’ll be in London of course). I don’t think this is a good idea. We tried American Football here once before. Hands up who remembers the London Monarchs?? No? They were a team set up to take part in a world-wide tournament that culminated in the World Bowl. Completely separate from the NFL itself, it was designed to capitalise on the late 80’s-early 90’s boom, but it eventually petered out, leaving barely a trace. And this would happen again, but to a current, well established NFL franchise. Which would upset the NFL bigwigs, who would then arrange to ship the franchise back to the US for resuscitation. Leaving the UK fans with nothing again.
So, leave it how it is. Just send a variety of teams to play over here, and rotate the locations to give us all a chance to witness the show.

Moan over. I feel alot better now, thanks.


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