Reunions, reunions, reunions

Over the past couple of years, there has been an increasing trend of bands getting back together years after splitting up for whatever reasons.

The latest two are from the complete extremes of the spectrum: Steps – purveyors of cheesy, trashy, smile-until-your-face-hurts-even-though-you’re-dying-inside pop and the Stone Roses – purveyors of Madchester, stare at your shoes, borderline tuneless singer yet the band of a generation that split acrimoniously after a long-awaited much anticipated second album failed to ignite the masses still in awe at the stellar debut album.

For me, the news of the Roses ‘resurrection’ was of more interest. Having only heard about their legend secondhand and been made to settle for multiple listenings of the albums, and the odd youtube video, the chance to witness it all firsthand is tantalising to say the least. Admittedly, the first shows in Manchester came around too soon for my bank-balance to have recovered enough to fund a couple of tickets. I just have to hope there will be a substantial tour to follow the scheduled album.

But this brings me on to a little gripe of mine…

Why risk the legacy for an ill-advised attempt to reclaim past glories? One reason is probably to supplement the retirement funds in light of the current financial meltdown. Another maybe a poor indictment on the current music scene.

Other bands that got back together with varying degrees of success: Take That (luckily, their fans grew up with them, so were generally at the age that meant they had the buying power to justify it); Spice Girls (just as the individual solo careers hit the rocks – short-lived most likely because nobody cared); Blur (because Damon Albarn needs to have as many projects on the go as humanly possible, and Alex James wanted a break from making cheese); Pulp (just because they can) and Spandau Ballet (because they all sued Gary Kemp, and having used all their money to do so, needed more, and Gary Kemp was feeling sorry for them!).

I’ve also heard that Liam Gallagher is open to a reconvening of Oasis to celebrate and tour for the 20th anniversary of (What’s The Story) Morning Glory. Noel is less so, and I am on the side of the older Gallagher. There’s no need.

One reunion I would like to see though is The Smiths. Not for any new material, just a bit of a tour playing the old stuff.

Oh, and before I go, the Dave project is continuing at a slower speed than expected, thanks to Sony and their dastardly addictive Playstation2!!!!


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