Notice to ‘Dave’ fans

Evening all, because for me, it is the evening.

Just a quick note to say I’ve taken the Dave stories off the blog.

That’s because they will soon be appearing in print. Not an e-book, not on Kindle, or shitePad. In print. On real paper. You will be able to turn the pages and everything. Won’t that be nice?

Before you get carried away in congratulating me on a publishing deal to rival JK Rowling, calm down, I’ll be going down the self-publication route.

If you want a copy, please leave a comment here, or on the inevitable Facebook post, or by tweeting in my general direction.

I can’t give a publication date as yet, as I’ve got to pull my finger out and write another four or five stories, but I would hope to have something ready for Christmas.

I’m quite excited by the way.

Don’t worry, I will be bringing some other writing projects to the blog over the next few months.



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