Words don’t begin to describe it…

London’s Burning
I Predict a Riot.

Who thought we would actually see scenes like we have done over the past three evenings? I didn’t. I’ve heard people talk about the Brixton and Toxteth riots without actually appreciating what happened. Much like 78rpm records.

The thing that angers me most about it is that the original incident was dealt with and could have just as easily faded into news history without a second thought. Then some people took offence at a police Stop & Search, which they are well within their rights to do and madness ensued. The police are getting some bad press at the moment surrounding the hacking scandal, and it’s true they’ve handled things badly in the past (the De Menezes case is just one example, sadly) but the complete lack of respect shown to them by a bunch of badly educated, selfish, mindless idiots is beyond reproach. David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ is currently laying in smouldering ruins right now.

Watching those cars and buildings burn fiercely on the news, I was filled with disbelief, and disgust and frustration that a country like England has bred animals like this, when the youth of other countries are trying to overcome brutal regimes in a far less rowdy manner, yet you would almost forgive them for doing so. Can you imagine what they would do if Dave and Co tried to disconnect the nation’s Internet access like they did in Egypt?

People’s livelihood have been destroyed by acts of pure vandalism and criminality with no purpose. To be practical, just think of the Insurance claims that will cost the nation (if I’m not mistaken, the Insurers pay the initial claim, then recover their money from the police, who then recover their outlay from HM Treasury). We’re already trying to avoid financial meltdown on the scale of the Eurozone, and this sort of thing can easily tip a country over the edge.

The spread of the trouble across London and then to other cities just shows how pathetic our youth culture is. Jumping on bandwagons (then setting fire to them, probably) and smashing up shops to help themselves to things that don’t belong to them does nothing to aid their cause. It speaks volumes that McDonalds, JD Sports and mobile phone shops have taken the brunt of the damage. Then the scummy chavs of Birmingham, who already have a huge chip on their shoulder for only living in the “second city” decide to get in on the act and rampage through the city centre for a bit of Armani gear. You can guarantee that the markets will be awash with knock-off gear in a matter of days. And before you know it, Liverpool, Bristol and Leeds are having a go.

My only hope is that the police are given the support they need from the Government and are able to restore order to our streets. There has been talk of the Army being brought in, but aren’t they overstretched as it is? Never-ending wars in Afghanistan, unnecessary air strikes against Libya are already taking up their time, without having to take to the streets of our cities to chase after a bunch of dole scrounging dimwits who when gathered together still don’t have the brain power to wipe their own arse. Because, don’t forget, our Armed Forces are also feeling the pinch, laying off servicemen and women (for all you PC zealots) so they can work effectively within their budgets.

I do believe I’m done for now. And, if by any chance you’ve been involved in these disturbances and are having this blog read to you because it contains too many big words for you, I have four words for you (in text lingo, to help): Ure a stupid Cnt.

All You Need Is Love
Shropshire 2011.


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