A Half Century of Blog Posts

So, I’ve reached 50. The big Five-Oh. So, I thought I should mark it in some way. How about I list 50 things you may or may not know about me (don’t go getting your hopes up, there’ll be nothing to enable identity theft or any blackmail opportunities).

So, here we go:

Anderson tartan
1) My middle name is Anderson. This harks back to Scottish ancestry in my family, and we have our own tartan.
2) I once had a minor addiction to Refreshers.
3) I only started liking the Beatles after I watched the Anthology series in 1996.
4) I bloody love Star Wars, but am not fussed about the other Sci-Fi/Fantasy stuff that’s about.
5) I have read and own every Adrian Mole book.
6) I have always voted Liberal Democrat.
7) I currently don’t own a games console.
8) At some point I hope to have a daughter. I’ve already got two male heirs to continue the bloodline.

9) I’ve never watched a film “because it won awards”. In fact it usually makes me NOT want to watch a film.
10) I’m a little afraid about growing old.
11) I can hold on to pointless knowledge, but forget what I had for tea a few days before.
12) I now regret not holding on to my eldest son when my ex-wife handed him to me on a plate.
13) I always look for the good in people. Sometimes I really have to try very hard.
14) I’ve always harboured dreams of being a writer in some capacity. Even when my careers advisor effectively laughed at me.
15) I’ve tried other jobs, but Insurance just seems to come naturally…
16) I want to visit the USA.
17) I don’t make friends easily, but when I do, it’s usually long lasting. Ask Messrs Heath, Mallett, Shepherd, Holland and Sherriff.
18) I do intend to get married just one more time.
19) I don’t mind being on my own, but I hate being alone. There is a difference.
20) I’ve never seen a dead body. When my grandpa died, people thought it might be a good idea to see him in the chapel of rest, but I point blank refused.
21) I absolutely hate all Apple Inc products – iPhone, iPad etc… overblown pieces of junk.
22) I also despise Rupert Murdoch and all he stands for.
23) I sometimes watch CBeebies for my own entertainment.
24) I like a good jigsaw. Puzzle, not woodwork tool!
25) I don’t like Horror films. What’s the point of being scared half to death?
26) I would be good to have on your Pub Quiz team.

I’ve never been here
27) I’ve never been to London to do the touristy things.
28) I once sat on a bee in my parents garden. My arse was so sore I couldn’t ride a bike for days. I couldn’t ride it anyway, but that’s not the point!
29) I’ve always felt guilty for not inviting my friends to my wedding. I justified it by saying it was a small family affair. The truth is, she had no friends, so it would have looked lopsided. Sorry fellas!
30) I’m a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.
31) I passed my driving test on the fourth go.

32) I’m crap at drawing.
33) I have my girlfriend in stitches with my Pope Benedict XVI impression.
34) I only started growing sideburns after I seperated from my ex-wife. She always said they looked stupid.
35) I think the footballer Robbie Fowler is a legend.
36) When Michael Thomas scored the Arsenal goal that won them the title in 1989, I ran into my room and cried for about an hour.
37) Princess Diana’s death meant nothing to me.
38) I took my time getting into Harry Potter.
39) I like a nice Gin and Tonic to drink.
40) I once wrote a letter to a girl I liked. And didn’t follow it up. Oops!
41) I’m not really a garden person.
42) I think of myself as a creator, not a worker. Others call me a lazy bastard who doesn’t like getting his hands dirty!

Dusseldorf Airport – scene of my 30th birthday
43) I intend to celebrate my 40th birthday in style, having spent my 30th birthday on various aeroplanes and in various airports on my way home from Austria.
44) I can be quite indecisive at times. Or can I?
45) I used to have a violin bass like Paul McCartney. Sadly I couldn’t play it like he did.
46) I have an album recorded by a band I was in. There was a photoshoot in my parents garden, but I’ve never seen the resulting pictures.
47) I’m a dog person. I just think cats look evil, and they crap in other people’s garden (usually mine!)
48) I like to read about History. I wish I’d done a degree now.
49) I limit my coffee intake to no more than three a day, otherwise I’ll never get to sleep.
50) I really hate dancing. Because I can’t. I look like a carrot having a funny turn.

And there you have it. Fifty things about me. I’m not sure if I’ll repeat this idea for my 100th post. I’ll probably do something completely different.


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