Movie Mash ups

You know how it goes… you text a friend to see how they enjoyed the Gadget Show Live, you talk about stuff, and the next thing you’re complaining about silly films and how cool it would be to be a movie executive going to high-powered meetings, being paid a fortune to come up with all sorts of crap ideas for the next big film. Well, such a discussion took place over the course of today between myself and my old mucker, Dale. To follow is a list of what we came up with…

1) Trainspotting meets Four Weddings And A Funeral – Hugh Grant falls in love with heroin.
2) High School Musical meets Final Destination.
3) The Godfather meets Sex and The City.
4) War of The Worlds meets Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
5) Forrest Gump meets the Bourne series – “Life is like a box of faked passports, you never know which one is yours”.
6) The Addams Family meets Raiders of The Lost Ark.
7) The Mummy meets Daddy Daycare – Eddie Murphy gets into all kinds of scrapes looking after a bunch of murderous preserved dead Egyptians.
8) Stuart Little meets Starship Troopers – Small mouse finds a new family with a barely trained bunch of marines whilst battling giant bugs.
9) The Graduate meets Godzilla – A young University graduate is seduced by an older lizard, but falls for the daughter.
10) Fantasia meets Nightmare on Elm Street – Mickey Mouse defends himself against dancing pink elephant dream demons.
11) Groundhog Day meets Jurassic Park – A bunch of people are terrorised by genetically reconstructed dinosaurs day after day after day after day…
12) The Nutty Professor meets Titanic – A shy fat professor drinks a formula that turns him into a manic Leonardo Di Caprio and steers the ship into an iceberg.
13) The Terminator meets American Pie – a cyborg arrives from the future to kill 4 high school buddies before they can lose their virginity.

14) Alien meets Look Who’s Talking – A baby xenomorph thinks how weird life is as it stalks its way around a spaceship, killing the crew.
15) Home Alone meets The Eagle Has Landed – a small kid has to thwart a band of german soldiers posing as robbers.
16) Mad Max meets Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – Two children and their mother meet an angry inventor with a flying/floating car in a post-apocalyptic world.
17) Robocop meets Doctor Doolittle – A cop is brought back to life as a cyborg and finds he can talk to animals. A hamster helps him track down his murderer.
And there you have it, the best part of a day’s work. If you have more that you can think of, feel free to leave your ideas in a comment, because deep down, there’s a movie executive in all of us!

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