A little bit of Pre-Dave fun…

Here’s a little bit of fun that got passed along to me, and it right up my creative little street.

Create Your Own Album:
1) Go on Wikipedia and select ‘Random Article’. The first one you get is the name of your band.
2) Go to Quotationspage.com and select a random quote. The last few words will act as your album title.
3) Do a virtual trundle over to Flickr.com. Explore the last 7 days. The third picture is your album cover. (You can only right-click to save the thumbnail image, not the full size one on Flickr).
4) Put them all in a Picture-edit-software-esque magic bag (Photoshop to name but one).
5) Tag those people you think will dig it and want to have a bash themselves

Here is my effort:

Now, just because mine has come out quite good, doesn’t mean you can just keep refreshing so that you get something equally awesome!!
(I’m not quite tecchie enough to actually know how to tag people, so I’m going to do it via Facebook)
Back to the Dave-themed grindstone now…

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