Top Fives

In true ‘Men Behaving Badly’ fashion, here’s some Top 5 lists I’ve concocted.

Top 5 Gigs I Can Remember:
5) Cast at Aston University (I think) – This was the first gig I went to with my mates back in 1997-ish. It was after the release of the Mother Nature Calls and I bought myself a T-shirt with the leaf of a ‘certain plant’ on it. Rebel!!
4) Paul Heaton at Manchester Academy – A gig I went to with my brother in Summer 2009 (?). Most memorable for drinking neat vodka in a bar and then being ‘unwell’ on the train the next morning. Paul was touring his ‘Cross-eyed Rambler’ album at the time, proving he can write great music even when people write him off.
3) Oasis at Birmingham NIA – My first live taste of Oasis came as they toured the ‘Be Here Now’ album. A ridiculously self-indulgent album with the stage set to match! Entering stage via a big red phone box should have set the alarm bells ringing, but I was in awe at seeing the band that inspired me to buy a bass and play it rather badly!
2) Nick Harper at Oswestry Ironworks – This is the first time I saw Nick Harper and I’ve been hooked ever since. Thanks to Doug for putting me on to this guy because he is a bloody genius! He writes clever, wordy and melodic tunes and is the consummate showman when it comes to live performance. Interaction with the audience is spontaneous and ludicrously funny. I’ve been since and even managed to exchange a few words. Let’s be honest, how many people stand by the door and shake people’s hand to thank them for attending?
1) Paul McCartney at Liverpool Albert Dock – Another one to thank, nay, commend my mate Doug Mallett for. He called me up one day in 2002, saying he had a ticket to Paul’s gig, was I interested?! I immediately bit his hand off (via the medium of text) much to the annoyance of my now ex-wife (best decision I ever made was going to this gig without her). To this day I’m not sure if I properly took in what was going on, so agog was I! I mean. PAUL McCARTNEY!!!! As a Beatles freak, to see a real live Beatle perform Beatles tracks live is pure heaven. Which is why this is my number one gig.

Top 5 Sporting Events I’ve been to:
5) Shrewsbury at Wembley for the Autowindscreens Trophy Final 1996 – Went on a bus, saw Shrewsbury play some loan players instead of the regular stalwarts, saw them lose, came home again.
4) American Bowl at Wembley – Washington Redskins against the San Francisco 49ers in 1990 (I think!). My first and so far only taste of live NFL action. For that reason alone, I will always remember it.
3) England at Wembley – a World Cup qualifier at the old Wembley in 1993 against Poland. I went with my brother and my dad. I’d left school early to go ‘to the Dentists’ and felt no guilt at all. England won 3-0 and all I can remember is being crammed in the exits and getting a whiff of someone else’s farts.
2) Shrewsbury at New Wembley – Play-off Final 2007 against Bristol Rovers. The Town had beaten MK Dons in the semis against all odds and got to the new Wembley stadium. Of course, I simply HAD to go. Again to the annoyance of my now ex-wife. Shrewsbury were in front after less than five minutes, but it was downhill from there!! They lost 3-1 and we went home gutted.
1) Shrewsbury beating Everton in the FA Cup – It was January 2004. It was the old Gay Meadow. It was bloody cold. Peter Wilding had little Wayne Rooney in his pocket for the whole game. I was there on my own, the atmosphere was electric and I don’t think I’ve experienced anything quite like it since. A shame that they got beaten by Chelsea live on BBC in the next round and ended up getting relegated out of the Football League for the first time by the end of the season!

Top 5 Films I’ve seen at the Cinema:
5) Home Alone 2 – I was young, I was with my dad. He fell asleep during the film.
4) Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels – I was older, I could drink alcohol. I went with my brother and felt really grown up. And it’s a great film to boot.
3) Megamind 3D – My first taste of 3D cinema. My first visit to the cinema with Eoin. I think it’s something he’ll cherish for a while, which makes me feel incredibly warm inside. And the film is great too.
2) Star Wars Episode IV (1997 Special Edition) – Just for the goosebumps when the Star Destroyer passes over the camera shot in the opening scene.
1) Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince – Because it’s the first enjoyable film I went to see with Marisa. And the only Potter film I’ve seen at the Cinema without my ex-wife.

So, that’s 3 Top Five’s, which should keep you busy for now. For those that care, I have decided to continue the legend that is ‘Dave’.

Class Dismissed.


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