Writing Update

Fear not, devoted followers of Dave!

A new adventure is currently being written by my fair hand. (Well typed is more appropriate in these high tech days, and besides, why would I write it by hand, then type it up? It would just make extra work for myself, and that’s just stupid.)

It’s quite a difficult process working out how Dave can get himself into a situation, and then get himself out of it with his usual applomb, and then injecting my humour in there as well. Unfortunately, sometimes, I don’t always pull it off, but no one’s perfect.

And you can rest assured I’ve not been idle since the last Dave saw the light of day. My poor brain has been concocting ideas ten to the dozen, then leaving me to work out how to develop them. Then I’m always on the lookout for competitions to enter, and thinking about how I can improve and tweak existing projects.

I also have an age old dilemma for my ideas – story or script?
A short story or novel may sound good to you, but then you have to think about scene setting, descriptions, dialogue and so on. Things which aren’t necessarily in my arsenal. Hence why Dave is an entirely narrative driven thing, something you could tell to a mate down the pub.

As for scripts… Entirely dialogue driven, meaning you have to give the characters something meaningful to say, or funny. I’ve tried this already, my sitcom ‘Blue Jay Way’ is now almost 8 years old. It’s been rejected by the BBC, read by a provincial literary agent, coaxed and tweaked and re-written by myself and a friend, just to try and get it limping towards some sort of shape and cohesion. Currently there are two fully written episodes, and 2 more in progress, with another 2 to complete the story.

Add to this other projects begun, sketched out, thought of, and I have a full writing plate in front of me.

So, if you’re out there, Mr or Mrs Producer, or whoever, I could do with a little help knocking some stuff into shape!!

For now, Dave is on his way!!!!


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