A point of issue…

So then, Gordon Brown made a bit of a faux pas with his handwriting. Yeah it’s probably a bit upsetting if you’ve lost your child in an increasingly futile war and you get a poorly written letter where your name is spelt wrong and so on.

But that is where my sympathy ends for the mother of Jamie Janes (see, Gordon, I can get it right!!)

Let’s get a few things straight shall we?

1) It was a HANDWRITTEN letter from the Prime Minister. How many of these letters has he had to write over the past few months? Most people would be happy to get any sort of recognition of a bereavement from the leader of the country.

2) If she was so upset she threw it in the bin, it should have stayed there. Not been retrieved so that

3) She sells her story to the Sun newspaper!! How much money did it take to get that letter from the bin??! Let’s be honest, the Sun isn’t exactly the most scrupulous publication, just ask virtually any Merseysider about the level of journalism promoted within those pages…
As far as I’m concerned, that cheapens the situation far more than Gordon’s original gaffe.

So then, as controversial as I may be here, the memory of a committed soldier has been compromised by a mother who will have made money, however indirectly, from her son’s death.
All she has achieved is that the country now knows what Gordon Brown’s handwriting looks like.


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